Apex Predator Brewing Hermoso Ápice / Beautiful Apex Mexican Hot Chocolate Stout -

Hermoso Ápice / Beautiful Apex
Mexican Hot Chocolate Stout

6.2% ABV
20 IBU
40 SRM
Hermoso Ápice / Beautiful Apex <br/><small>Mexican Hot Chocolate Stout</small> <br/>

Mexican hot chocolate comes to life in beer form with our take on the classic drink. We brewed an American stout and then loaded it with amazing ingredients – roasted cacao nibs, Tahitian vanilla beans, toasted cinnamon sticks, and Ancho and Cayenne chiles. The end result – a silky smooth mouthfeel, restrained but lingering spiciness, and the unmistakable flavours of Mexican hot chocolate.

Possible Pairings:

Mole pork chops, triple chocolate layer cake, chipotle gouda

Storage Temperature: 3°C
Serving Temperature in glass: 9-12°C
Recommended Glassware:

SRM = Standard Reference Method. This is a measurement method to calculate the colour of beer where 2 SRM is super pale yellow and 40+ SRM is pitch black.

IBU = International Bittering Units. Another measurement, used to determine the level of bitterness in the beer. Something like a standard light American lager has about 8-10 IBUs, and a super hoppy double IPA can have 90+ IBU.

ABV = Alcohol by Volume.