Apex Predator Brewing Virtuous SeriesMiyagiBlack India Pale Lager -

Virtuous Series
Black India Pale Lager

6.6%% ABV
57 IBU
35 SRM
<small>Virtuous Series</small><br>Miyagi<br/><small>Black India Pale Lager</small>

This double dry hopped black lager is light in body, but big in flavour. Dominant roast coffee and pungent pine give way to a fruit medley consisting of plum, blackberry, and fresh mango, leaving a refreshing citrus finish.

Possible Pairings:

Prime rib, blackberry and goat cheese salad, white chocolate brownie

Storage Temperature: 3°C
Serving Temperature in glass: 7-10°C
Recommended Glassware:

SRM = Standard Reference Method. This is a measurement method to calculate the colour of beer where 2 SRM is super pale yellow and 40+ SRM is pitch black.

IBU = International Bittering Units. Another measurement, used to determine the level of bitterness in the beer. Something like a standard light American lager has about 8-10 IBUs, and a super hoppy double IPA can have 90+ IBU.

ABV = Alcohol by Volume.