Apex Predator Brewing 3rdAnniversaryWhiskey GapDark English Ale -

Whiskey Gap
Dark English Ale

10.5% ABV
23 IBU
22 SRM
<small>3<sup>rd</sup>Anniversary</small><br/>Whiskey Gap<br/><small>Dark English Ale</small>

This single batch, Extra Strong English Ale was brewed with select British malts, Demerara Sugar, and an addition of a special blend of Cabernet, Merlot, and Shiraz grape must. It’s blended with Bar M Whiskey from our friends at Rig Hand Distilling, because let’s face it, milestones are better shared with friends and loved ones. Finally, this special creation was aged on medium toast American Oak Spirals for 6 weeks. It’s hard to describe what 3 years means to us, but if beer could speak, this one would say thanks. Best enjoyed with friends.

Possible Pairings:

Fine cigar, fire, friends

Storage Temperature: 3°C
Serving Temperature in glass: 9-12°C
Recommended Glassware:

SRM = Standard Reference Method. This is a measurement method to calculate the colour of beer where 2 SRM is super pale yellow and 40+ SRM is pitch black.

IBU = International Bittering Units. Another measurement, used to determine the level of bitterness in the beer. Something like a standard light American lager has about 8-10 IBUs, and a super hoppy double IPA can have 90+ IBU.

ABV = Alcohol by Volume.